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Books for Sale [January 2019 Edition]

I've always loved reading books.

I've always wanted to pass on really good books to my friends.

And yes, I've especially wanted to own a bookshop.

(Most of my childhood dreams were centered around literary themes such as these mentioned here -- and a few others. Like wanting to be a librarian too.)

My family always has a bunch of books in the house. More books are always arriving (magically/mysteriously). And it's time to start selling some off.

Here's a little peek into our selection that's FOR SALE this month...
I hope you find something you like! We'll have more Bible Studies, Christian Fiction, and Homeschool Materials posted for sale SOON.

Landmarks of American History, Vintage Volumes

Lot of 7 Tracie Peterson Books

Redemption (#1-5), Karen Kingsbury, Complete Series

Abram's Daughters (#1-5), by Beverly Lewis, Complete Series

Golden Hamster Saga (#2-3), by Dietlof Reiche

* If a book listing has expired by the time you click on it here,
it's possible we may have re-listed it again...
Just check our current CATALOG to see if it's still available!

If you have any questions pertaining to our books for sale,
please contact us ANYTIME through Ebay.

Any book requests?
We visit book sales frequently in our area -- If you're looking for a particular book, drop me a note and we'll keep an eye out for what you need!



  1. Casey Mae1/10/2019

    How lovely AND exciting! I'm sure I'll be buying some books from you at some point!

  2. Selena Rocks1/14/2019

    Oh, rats. The Peterson books went quick, it looks like. I hope you'll get some more in stock. She's a favorite of mine, and I'd love to try some more series by her. :)