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A Literary Christmas GIVEAWAY! #bookwormsaregonnaloveit

Welcome, one and all! I have a special holiday giveaway for you today.

Here on this blog, we love celebrating BOOKS! If you haven't signed up to participate in A Literary Christmas reading challenge, go do it now! I can't wait to find out all the Christmas-y books everybody is going to be reading.

Here's a quick re-cap about A Literary Christmas:

What's this holiday reading challenge about? ::: Whether you just want to read 1 amazingly-good Christmas book, or 10, you make your own list of titles to read, and finish as many of them as you can.

Where will it take place? ::: In your favorite cozy reading nook. Whether it be while wrapped in fleece blankets in bed... sitting by the fireside drinking hot chocolate... or maybe on the sunny beach!

When will it take place? ::: November 8th - December 31st.
(Keep a watch out for the upcoming giveaway too!)

If you haven't yet, catch up on how to participate in A Literary Christmas.

(As soon as you start posting about the challenge on your blog, Instagram, Goodreads (or other social media) please start linking up your posts at the bottom of this page. I'm excited to see the books you're reading!)

Use hashtag #ALiteraryChristmas

Next up, I'd like to introduce you to the LOVELY Etsy shop that is sponsoring an awesome prize for my dear readers...

Fold Between The Lines

This shop offers fun decor pieces MADE OUT OF ACTUAL BOOKS, ya'll!
All of us bookworms LOVE this kind of stuff (and you better be paying attention on the unique Christmas gifts you could be buying right now!)...

Check out these seasonal 3D pieces made out of book pages & the amazingly-detailed folded book art (you can even get custom words and dates like this from Fold Between The Lines)...

::: in the words of Allison :::

{ from Fold Between The Lines }

I originally started making art out of books because I hated to see so many books being thrown away and ending up in the dump. I love to read, so I thought this was the perfect way to combine my love of reading with my ability to upcycle and create artwork out of used books. My little business has allowed me to stay home with my 4 year old twins. I absolutely love it!

Connect with Fold Between The Lines!

Etsy | Website | Facebook | Instagram

So... What prize is up for grabs in this literature-themed giveaway from Fold Between The Lines?????


Win this DELIGHTFUL SNOWMAN (yes, made from real book pages -- can't stress that part enough, because I love it!).

The giveaway is open to everyone (in the U.S., that is), whether you're participating in the reading challenge or not. (But you can get EXTRA POINTS in the giveaway if you are taking part in A Literary Christmas -- EVERY DAY!) Invite your literary-minded friends!

Giveaway rules: Open to United States ONLY. Ends on December 8th.

I'm so thrilled to be spending this holiday season reading some delightful Christmastime books -- And I can't wait to see which titles you're going to read for the challenge as well! Join me if you can.

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Link to any of your posts for this reading challenge!

Please link to your sign-up posts, book reviews, and other Christmas book posts here:

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  1. This is utterly adorable! I'll be sure to share the giveaway in tomorrow's Sunday Post---thanks for letting me know about it!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  2. Read my first two Christmas stories. :) More will follow.

  3. Hi Tarissa, I saw this last year and thought it was a great idea. I’m hoping to read a book with my daughter over December so might join in when I get that started. 🙂

  4. So cute and creative! Thank you for the fun giveaway!


  5. The snowman is adorable! What a fab prize
    Thank you for adding your giveaway to the Literary Flits linkup :-)

  6. This is so cute!
    If I didn't already have my Christmas break booked, ;) This would be so much fun to do!

    1. Amanda, if you're reading ANY Christmas-themed books AT ALL.... Please feel free to link up! =D

  7. I'm finally having a moment when I can update the books I've read. :)