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BIG changes + "MyWriMo"

Hi everyone,
If you are here today on my blog, you might be noticing some big changes about now. (HINT~if you're viewing this post from a reader, you might want to click over to my blog)

A note about what's new: Take a look around and let me know what you think. Aside from the new design, I also created some new pages on my blog that you might like to investigate. (They're located near the top of my sidebar) You'll find a page full of some of my favorite quotes (you can even submit your own quotes on the page), and there's my Etsy shop, my blogroll, and much more.

There's even more news too. If you caught the word "MyWriMo" in the title of this post, you might be wondering what that is all about. Well, we all know what takes place in's NaNoWriMo (Nation Novel Writing Month). As much as I would love to participate in it, I don't think that this is the right year for me. I just wasn't so sure about the "50,000 words in 30 days" part of it. Instead, I have a different idea... what I like to call... "MyWriMo" (My Writing Month). Anyone is welcome to join me in this venture, if you're interested. What I'm thinking about is still having November to be a month full of writing... it just may not contain a novel at the end of the month.

For a long time, I've wanted to finish several stories that I have started, and none of them have endings. Well, in fact some of them don't even have a middle section either... just a short beginning! So I would like to round up all my stories and finish them in November. Along the way, if I think up any new storylines, I might even write something new too... but I don't think it's going to be 50,000 words long.

I was wondering if anyone else would like to do this with me. The more, the merrier! We could each have our own "MyWriMo". We'll all have different goals. Mine is to finish some stories, so that I'll have some completed projects from this year.
{If you have some ideas for stories (or something bigger like a novel)--maybe you already have something in the works that you'd like to finish up, this could be your motivation. You don't have to commit yourself to the entire month of November either--just take whatever time you'd like in November to do anything you need with your writing.} I'd love to hear from anyone who is interested in this!

I know I'm excited about November coming and getting some writing done. You'll probably be hearing more about this from me, as the time gets closer!


  1. Oh, I would be interested! I don't think that I'm going to be able to complete 50,000 words this year either, so I like this idea of just dedicating my time to general writing. I'll also be working on Christmas presents, but I'll multi-task. ;)

    Great idea!

  2. Aah! I LOVE the new look! :-D
    I also love the idea of a mywrimo! Just what I was looking for! I might or might not do it, because a friend of mine and I MIGHT be co-authoring a book during NaNo, but if not, then I might do this. Wonderful idea. :-D

    ~Hannah Grace

  3. I am still thinking about doing WriMo, but like I said, I'm so busy in November, that I think that it would just be a waste of my time to even sign up~ and eventually just end up disappointed that I didn't finish, or complete it.
    I might not sign up for it, but try to do it on my own, because, well, I still would like to tackle it. I might also try to do it in a different month that I'm not so busy/

  4. I really like your new blog design, Tarissa! :)

    I used to like writing stories but never finished them either.
    all the best with your writing. :D

    Love in Christ

  5. SheHeartsBooks10/13/2010

    Yes, I do have three others besides me writing. If you have not read how it is supposed to work, you may like to on the actual blog. The good LORD willing, I would like to start the Ladies Library this coming Monday, so hopefully it works out. I will need your email so I can send the invitation for the group blog. Is there any specific type of genre/ age range you would like to review for?

  6. Hi,
    Thanks for your comment; I love your idea! 50,000 words really is quite a lot when you're busy. This is an amazing idea. I want to do it! :) God bless!

    In Christ,

  7. I love this idea! I was reading about NaNoWriMo and just thinking, There is no way I can write a full novel--50,000 pages!. Personally, I'm a writer who prefers shorter works anyway. I will definitely join you. I have a short novel/story (I don't know yet) in the works, and I really want to make the time to work on it and revise it.

    Thanks for the idea. I'm grabbing one of your MyWriMo buttons for my book blog. :)

  8. Edit: I meant "words" when I said "pages." Yes, 50,000 pages would be extremely difficult. :)