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Favorite Finds #8

Hello readers,
I wanted to go ahead and share some links with you today, even though it's not my regular day to post my Favorite Finds entry for the week. I do hope you'll enjoy perusing through these blogs, because I certainly loved reading through these links myself!

"Pumpkin Spice Bread- Recipe" - Emily @ Practically Pink
(Check out this scrumptious looking recipe AND then if you would like to share your own Autumn recipes, feel free to link up to her linky at the bottom of her post!)

"Describing a place you love to be." - Hannah Grace @ Walking in Thy Truth
(A very intriguing account of the night on which NaNoWriMo begins.)

"Autumn splendor" - Michaela @ The Last Rose of Summer

"Crafty Collection ~ Episode 1" - Miss Eyebright @ Defective Compositions
(Links that lead to such lovely tutorials & crafts!)

"Maud Hart Lovelace Reading Challenge" - A Library is the Hospital for the Mind
(Anyone want to read Betsy & Tacy books this month?)

"List Of Some Publishers Of Books I Like" - Grace @ Genuine Glee


  1. Great finds, Tarissa! Especially the NaNoWriMo one! ;)

  2. I enjoyed coming across your is lovely to see a young person using their talent for Christ. Keep it up...

  3. Hi Tarissa,
    It's nice finding you here; I'm thinking of leaving HSB and switching to Blogger completely. I love your blog; I'm following you :)

    In Christ,

  4. Oh, goodness, I just realized you linked to my post here! :-) Thank you!

    ~Hannah Grace