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Sharing Our Bookshelves {January 2012}

It's time for another monthly round of Sharing Our Bookshelves. This time though, we're starting out a new year!

What kind of book goals have you set for yourself to accomplish in 2012?
I hope that if you're posting about books anytime this month, you'll link up below so that some new blog readers can find your posts.

Sharing Our Bookshelves @ In the Bookcase

If you saw my last post 'Looking at my reads from 2011' then you'll know I've been thinking about all the books I enjoyed during the twelve months of 2011, including a list of my very favorites.

2011 was a year of firsts for me in some respects in the literary world. The beginning of three new bookish friendships began. That is, with R.M. Ballantyne, G.A. Henty, and with the lovely Lamplighter books. If you have some specific titles of these books that you've enjoyed, I would appreciate your suggestions on which ones I should choose next to read.

There are some notable reads I should mention in addition to my favorite books of the year. For example, in November, I just finished the last of the wonderful books penned by Laura Ingalls Wilder (I have started the series over and over a few times before, but this time I can now say I've read them all---finally.) I also read a drama play for the first time, Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw---Who knew it could be so interesting just to read the lines of all the characters? Also to go on my list of "firsts" for 2011: I was able to read Book #1 of the Nancy Drew series, Secret of the Old Clock. For a reader who loves mysteries, I'm surprised at myself for not reading the good ol' Nancy books until now---I had read a few of the newer stories before this, but not the originals. I'm looking forward to reading more in the new year.

One thing I have enjoyed for several years now is a notebook to keep track of all the books I've read. It helps me remember titles of books, the authors, and the dates when I read those books. In fact, I have more than eight years' worth of a notebook like this! It is an invaluable piece of memory to keep around. If you haven't started your own notebook like this, maybe 2012 is the time to start recording all the books you'll be reading this year.

So then, I look forward to see the wonderful posts you'll be linking up below. Whether it is end-of-the-year lists, or goals for the new year... whatever bookish thoughts you're blogging about, please share so that we can all enjoy.


  1. The Lost Clue by Lamplighter is my all-time favorite!! :D Sweet, a mystery of sorts, adventure, and a teensy bit of godly and sweet romance...everything! :)

    Jessica enjoys The White Knights by them which is about some young boys learning about what being one of God's knight's means (I think). ;)

    I like your idea of a list - I used to keep a record like that in highschool for calculating my reading hours but I haven't done one since. I *did* at least keep track of what books I read, the ratings I gave them, and author's last year but I'd like to keep a more detailed list this year I think. :) Thanks for the tip!

    Enjoy your 2012 readings!! :D

  2. I have to say, I'm surprised you haven't read the Nancy Drew books until now! I read and reread every ND book I could get my hands on between the ages of 8 and 12. Luckily, this year I had two free credits to, so I was able to download the audio books of The Secret of the Old Clock and the second one. What fun!

    Hope you have a great reading year!