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Favorite Finds #35

Giveaway: Strawberry polymer clay buttons
{Pixel Berry Pie Designs}

1 winner will recieve a set of these lovely handcrafted strawberry buttons from Dolly Madison Designs!

Beatitudes for Homemakers
{Raising Homemakers}

Blessed is she whose daily tasks are a work of love....

Ballad: Women and Children First
{Andrew Romanowitz}

While in the deep, Titanic lies immersed, But times and seas can never drown the glory Of those who died for "Women and children first!"

21 Great Ways To Cut Kid Clutter

Fun-looking, innovative storage ideas.

For Texas and Freedom
{Bethlehem Books}

Free ebook download of the month.

London Olympics: A Report
{Design Mom}

This family actually was visiting London during the Olympics!

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