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It's here! Rachelle Rea Cobb's new release (and to be more specific, her first NON-FICTION release) has officially arrived!

Here's the quick dish on her new writing guide, and why you should be interested...

Write Well by Rachelle Rea Cobb


Writing isn’t all heart and art. It’s structure and syntax, too.

Looking for a short guide that will help you understand the structure of writing so you can get back to the art?

Hi there, I'm Rachelle Rea Cobb. and I have history with words. I've ever been known as a grammar geek with a knack for storytelling. I help others polish their pages until their words shine—and then they can sign their own publishing contracts. I work with authors (traditional and self-published), ESL writers, students, and bloggers. Entrusting your words to an editor can be excruciating, but I always treat them with the utmost care, never squashing your voice. Instead, my job is to unleash it from typos, fluff, and repetitiveness, etc.

And now I'd like to share my expertise with you in Write Well, a short ebook designed to walk you through what you need to know so you can get back to the real work: actual writing!

Rachelle Rea, author Author Bio // Rachelle Rea Cobb penned her first short story in middle school, her first novel right out of high school, and signed a three-book publishing contract right after college. Her Steadfast Love series (from WhiteFire Publishing) is the tale of a Catholic maiden entrenched in the Dutch Revolution–and the redheaded Protestant man who brings her to love and faith.

But Rachelle believes writing isn’t all heart and art; it’s structure and syntax, too. One of her favorite things to do is help others polish their own pages until they shine. She works with authors (traditional and self-published), ESL writers, students, and bloggers.

She lives in a seaside Southern town with her new husband, who shares the name of Rachelle’s first fictional hero—even though she hadn’t yet met her husband when she wrote three books about a man with the same first name! She drives a pick-up truck and is addicted to all the different kinds of Oreos.

Rachelle's attention to detail combined with her friendly writing voice make Write Well a grammar guide that is actually fun to read! Short and sweet, Write Well will equip you with the knowledge you need in language you can understand. From commas to em dashes, Rachelle doesn't just tell you what they are for--like any good writer, she shows you how to (and how not to) use them.

— Gretchen Louise, Mentor of Digital Wordsmiths

Most books on the subject of grammar are either dull or daunting. This book grammar down into manageable chunks that won't overwhelm. I was excited to find that the rules aren't as difficult as I imagined! I plan to keep a copy of this book handy during the editing process of all my books.

— Sarah Holman, author of Kate’s Innocence

Looking for a short, pithy guide to writing well? Write Well offers up practical advice on grammar, told in Rachelle's friendly approachable voice. It's like having a best friend sit down with you to go over the basics with you.

— Lena Goldfinch, author of The Brides Series

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WRITE WELL is available now. Order your copy today!


  1. So I'm a week late. But I'm so so grateful you decided to share about Write Well's release, Tarissa! Thank you for all your support. :)

  2. @Rachelle, I'm always excited about any new release of yours. I wonder what the next one will be about in the future. :)

    Thanks for stopping by!