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Book Review: Escape and Endurance

Escape and Endurance by Sarah Holman (5 star review)

Escape and Endurance
Tales of Taelis, #5

written by Sarah Holman

140 pages // published in 2018 // Medieval Christian fiction


Edna believes herself to be a worthless servant.
Sir Andrew knows himself to be the most respected and valuable knight.
One event will cause both to discover where their value truly lies.

When Princess Gail is on her way to visit friends, some men kidnap the princess to demand a ransom. They don’t realize that they’ve made a mistake and who they have is not the pampered princess, but her faithful servant, Edna. Carried far from home, Edna knows that no matter what she does, she won’t survive.

Sir Andrew sets off to rescue the princess, taking no time to assess what has truly happened or to allow his men to help him. What should have been a quick and heroic mission turns into a long journey that is full of dangers, obstacles, and trials. Will he be forced to turn back or will he be able to make it to the tower where the princess is being held?

My Review

5 Star Rating

The cover of the book is just lovely, is it not? It depicts Edna, a princess's maid... and she's putting her life on the line for someone who will never appreciate her. After being captured, and tucked away in an impenetrable tower, how can she let her light shine forth? It is such a hard thing to do, when everything has been stripped away.

“Her life would mean something and serve a purpose even if only she and God knew about it.”

I really did like Edna's character; her personality is so sweet, kind, and above all, she desires to serve others – even at the cost of her life, which she knows is of no worth to King Christopher – but the one thing she doesn't let go of is that she is indeed a child of God, and that is worth everything. What a beautiful heroine, inside and out.

In this story, we also meet Andrew, a knight of the kingdom. He is a man filled with contempt for peasants, and arrogance over others. He wants to do good for his king, but sometimes his own judgement clouds over his good actions. It will take much to humble this knight, but he will come through it a better man – as any of us would when presented with his tortuous circumstances.

Both of these characters are just a fragment of a bigger story that is playing out around them. Through their choices, I found great resolve in each of them. And, oh, what an emotional, moving scene is involved in the climax of the plot.

One of the main lessons that readers will glean from this story: Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.

I always enjoy Sarah Holman's 'Tales of Taelis' series. What encouraging spiritual lessons are to be found in these wholesome books.

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