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Back to the Classics 2018: My Final 12

This year I joined the Back to the Classics challenge (for the second time... yes, it was just THAT fun!).

This is a look back at the 12 books I chose to read for the challenge.

That's 3 entries in the end-of-year giveaway! 

All titles are linked back to my reviews. Please, feel welcome to comment on any of them. I love chatting about old, classic books.

 .......... Karen, if by any chance you need to contact me about a prize (hey, I can hope!) you can click over to my Contact Me page. Thanks! >>>

And here's my list!

19th Century Classic: Oliver Twist

20th Century Classic: The Keys of the Kingdom

Classic by a Woman Author: Village School

Classic in Translation: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Children's Classic: Swiss Family Robinson

Classic Crime Story: The Valley of Fear

Classic Travel or Journey: A Long Fatal Love Chase

Classic With a Single-Word Title: Siddhartha

Classic With a Color in the Title: Pat of Silver Bush

Classic By a New-To-You Author: Magnificent Obsession

Classic That Scares You: Moby Dick

Re-Read a Favorite Classic: Anne of Green Gables


  1. Congratulations! I'm not familiar with a couple of them, but a couple of others are on my "to read someday" list.

  2. I had to peek (just a peek) at your review of Siddharta, which I have coming up...saw you didn't love it. Oh well, maybe it will appeal to me. Nice choices, well done.

    1. Joseph - You could definitely end up liking it though. It's deep, and it makes you think (that's for certain!). While I like some portions, it still just didn't jive with me, overall. I look forward to seeing your review on it. :)

  3. You have some wonderful challenges in the works, Tarissa! I had such fun with A Literary Christmas I'm going to do it next year. I hope you have a wonderful 2019!