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Mount TBR Checkpoint, 2018 Vol. 4

With 2018 having closed out, I'm just finishing updating all my 2018 reading challenges. Here's my final checkpoint in the Mount TBR challenge -- which I'm joining again in 2019.

For this specific challenge, I completed 118 books in 2018!

I was aiming for Mt. Everest, the 100 book level. So I accomplished that goal successfully (actually at the end of October).

That's 118 books off my mountain of TBR books. Another few thousand to go? Gulp.

And now for some punny fun, featuring some of the titles that I read for this challenge... enjoy! All titles listed below are linked to my personal reviews, if you're interested.

A stitch in time... [saves] A Wrinkle in Time

Don't count your chickens... [before] The Christmas She Wanted

A penny saved is... [a] Magnificent Obsession

All good things must come... [to] The Bridge

When in Rome... Why Read Moby Dick?

All that glitters is not... Stars Above

A picture is worth... The Lost Princess of Oz

When the going gets tough, the tough get... Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Two wrongs don't make... Sense and Sensibility

The pen is mightier than... Blood in the Water

The squeaky wheel gets... [the] Rose of the Oath

Hope for the best, but prepare for... Mission Atomic

Birds of a feather flock... Where Bugles Call


  1. Wow! I don't think I have ever read 100+ books in a year! Good work! the puns are fun.

  2. Wonderful! Your TBR piles must be much lower now? I read 106 books this year, but only 43 from my TBR. I almost made it up Mt Ararat.

    1. Lisbeth, you'd think my TBR piles would be lower after all that reading last year. But... honestly, it's hard to tell -- because of all the incoming titles that arrived during the past year. :) They just never stop coming!

    2. Hihi, I know what you mean. I am really controlling myself for the time being, since I have moved and have much less space in the book cases. But it is always a pleasure to add a new book to your collection.