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Book Review: Amy's Story

Louisa May Alcott Reading Challenge

Amy's Story by Susan Beth Pfeffer (5 star review)

Amy's Story
Portraits of Little Women series
by Susan Beth Pfeffer

212 pages // published in 1997 // historical fiction


Beautiful Amy March, the youngest March sister, is a talented artist. Everyone praises her lifelike portraits. The one person she can’t draw is herself. So when a photographer’s studio opens in town, Amy is thrilled. Now her pretty blond curls and piercing blue eyes can be captured forever in a photograph. Except that a photograph costs quite a bit of money–more than she has, and more than her parents can give her. Amy thinks of a clever way to come up with the money . . . and soon she has enough. But she decides to spend her savings on a gift for her father–a gift that will warm his heart when he’s far away from home, and that ultimately gives Amy an unexpected gift in return.

My Review

5 Star Rating

A wonderful little story, inviting young readers into the Civil War-era world of Little Women. This story focuses on Amy, the artistic sister, soon to be eleven. She enjoys sketching whenever she can. The idea of having a photographer come to town is very exciting to her, and she aims to somehow obtain the necessary $5 needed to have her very important photograph taken. Things don't always go to plan though...

In this story, you'll meet all four of the March sisters, their parents, and even crabby Aunt March. The dialogue doesn't shy away from important discussions about the oncoming war, but describes it very well for young kids to grasp. All of the sisters want to contribute towards the war effort for their family.

A charming little story.

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