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A Literary Christmas 2022 begins + Link up your holiday reads!

Dear Readers,

I'd like to invite you to a SPECIAL READING EVENT this holiday season, where together we will celebrate all the excitement of Christmas book-reading during the most wonderful time of the year!

It's our SEVENTH ANNUAL Literary Christmas. And it's happening now.

What's this holiday reading challenge about? ::: Whether you just want to read 1 amazingly-good Christmas book, or 10, you make your own list of titles to read, and finish as many of them as you can.

Where will it take place? ::: In your favorite cozy reading nook. Whether it be while wrapped in fleece blankets in bed... sitting by the fireside drinking hot chocolate...

Polar bear reading Christmas books

Or out on the ice sheets of the Arctic environment, with only starlight from the heavens and a tin lantern to illuminate the tiny text inside your vintage copy of A Christmas Carol.

But probably not the latter option.

This Christmas reading challenge is born of my own delight in filling the entirety of the month of December (and the month of November, in most cases) with holiday-themed books galore. Literally, I keep adding to an ongoing booklist all through the year when I happen across Christmas titles that I may like to try my hand (errrr --- eyes?) at, just so I can read it when the holidays arrive.

Please tell me I'm not alone?

The challenge starts on NOW. Whenever YOU start reading your holiday books, start linking up your reviews and posts with us ALL SEASON LONG! 

Sign-ups are open NOW! Just so whenever you're ready to pick up a festive holiday title, the event link-up is open.

How to participate in A Literary Christmas:

  • Think about some Christmas books to read, or maybe re-read this season. This could include fictional stories (modern or vintage books), or non-fiction (an Advent devotional, or a book on Christmas traditions?)... it's up to you! Your goals can be 1 book, 10 books, or some short stories. AUDIO BOOKS & E-BOOKS ARE WELCOME!

  • Write a blog post or social media post to tell us that you're joining A Literary Christmas reading challenge, and maybe give us a sneak peek of the books you want to read for this challenge. Make sure to link to this blog (or even this individual post) to spread the word among your friends. Grab one of the challenge images to use in your post.

    Use hashtag #ALiteraryChristmas

    A Literary Christmas: Reading Challenge //

    A Literary Christmas: Reading Challenge //

  • Link up below! Copy the link to your post online and add it to the linky below. Now you've joined the challenge!

  • Next step: Start reading the books on your list! When you talk about the books on your blog or review them (on Goodreads, your blog, Instagram etc.), be sure to link up your posts below so that we can all check out what everyone is reading. (I know that I hope to find some good book recommendations from you all!)

    Use hashtag #ALiteraryChristmas

    A Literary Christmas officially now and ends on December 31st. (You may begin reading your Christmas books whenever it suits you though.) *wink*

  • Once the book reviews and posts start rolling in (like presents under the Christmas tree), I think we can all gather some fresh holiday titles from each other. In the meantime, if you're looking for what books you should be reading this holiday season, check out some of the Christmas books I've shared about in the past, or visit online lists such as:

    Favorite Christmas Books

    Christian Christmas Books

    Christmas/Holiday Christian Fiction

    I'll be sharing my own personal Christmas reading list in the next day or so.... but in the meantime:

    Link to your sign-up posts & reviews!

    * If the linky isn't showing up for you, try refreshing your page. Or just leave your post links in the comments section, and I can add your post to the linky for you, if needed.


    1. Oh, goodie! I'm so glad you're hosting this again :-)

    2. Thanks for hosting this again!

    3. Anonymous11/25/2022

      Hi Tarissa,
      This looks like fun! I am so sorry that I didn’t post a review for the LMA one. I did read Harriet Rosen’s book for it so I will post a review but it is very late!

    4. that it's December :) I'll post my reading plans for A Literary Christmas. Thanks Tarissa!

    5. This is perfect for all the random Christmas reading I was going to do anyway--makes it feel more official somehow. :-)

    6. This is lovely. It really helps to make you feel 'Christmassy' when you read these stories during the season! I hope to write a few more reviews.