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Book Review: Lassie Come-Home

Lassie Come-Home

Lassie Come-Home

written by Eric Knight

256 pages

This is a delightful and heartwarming story that takes place right after World War I, in England and Scotland. The storyline centers on Lassie, the Carraclough's pet Collie. The family loves their dog very much... but when hard times hit, the family is forced into making a life-changing and heart-wrenching decision. The town of Greenall Bridge could always depend on seeing Lassie trotting down the streets with her owner, young Joe Carraclough, but even the town is devasted when Lassie isn't there anymore.

Through the experiences of Lassie, you will meet many of the villagers, some with thoughtful regards, and some characters with bad intentions. No matter what kind of situation, someone is always there to guide Lassie on her way. As the story unfolds, you will discover how determined and loyal that a dog can really be.

This book was originally published by Eric Knight in 1940. Only 3 years later, the author died. However, the classic story of Lassie has been told again & again since then, in other revised & adapted books, and also in movies.
I think almost anyone would enjoy this story. The dedication and perseverance of the dog, to the quaint villages of England and Scotland, and all the characters within, along with their lovely British accents... I savored every word! It's definitely one of my VERY favorite books.

{Recommeded for 12yrs to Adult}

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Favorite Finds #7

I have a few links for you this week for my "Favorite Finds" post...
I hope you'll take a look at some of these great blogs!

Start of a New Season by Tessa (Lovely, thoughtful post about Autumn.)

Happy Autumn! by Allison (I've never read this poem from Robert Frost before, and right now is the perfect time to read it.)

Christopher Robin is saying his prayers by Tulip (Another poem... this one from A.A. Milne. So cute!)

A Title Is Too Small To Try To Say In 4 Words That I Heart Fall And Sukkot. by Alyssa

Biltmore House by Grace (I would love to visit that library!)

42 Gluten-free Recipes (Some of these recipes look good. It might take a little extra time for this page to load--it's a PDF.)


Just a couple things...

Thank you to everyone who has been answering my last riddle. I thought I might be able to stump you all with that tricky question, but lo and behold, a lot of you figured it out! To anyone who's still in the dark about the answer, here it is for you...

What English word has 3 consecutive double letters? -- BOOKKEEPER

I also wanted to post today and give you a reminder about Anna's Les Miserables Week that has been going on. If you're interested at all, I encourage you to run over and see what she (and other bloggers) have been posting about Les Miz this week. If you have anything in mind, you can post something about Les Miserables on your own blog and sign up on Anna's linky list. Have fun!


A New Twist

I see that my readers are having a bit of trouble figuring out this last riddle I posted. {No, the answer is not "Mississippi" or "committee".}
So I thought that I'll add something extra into the mix this time... I'll let you guess the letters in the word, and eventually you'll put the word together... It's pretty similar to a "hangman" type of game.

Just leave a comment with an alphabet letter you want to guess. I'll update the game again with everyone's letters, and then you'll start to see a word forming. (hopefully!)

What English word has 3 consecutive double letters?

the word:   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


an answer & a new riddle

Thank you everyone for guessing on my riddle post the last few days. It's about time that I revealed the correct answer! For a quick update, this was the riddle:

"I know a word of letters three. Add two and fewer there will be."

...and the answer to this excellent riddle is.... the word: Few    :~D

I feel like I'm on a roll here, and I don't want to mess up the momentum of throwing these riddles at you. So, I have a new one!!
Here it is:

What English word has 3 consecutive double letters?

{This is a pretty tough one... So think hard about all the words you know. And I don't mind if you use some "help".}


Book Review: Gentle Ben

Gentle Ben

Gentle Ben

written by Walt Morey

192 pages




"Gentle Ben" is a story about a boy and his longing to tame a wild bear that he can’t have.

Mark is a young boy who lives in Alaskan Territory (before it became a state). The thing that he desires most is to be friends with Ben, an Alaskan brown bear, who has been chained up in Fog Benson’s shed for 5 dreadful years. Mark’s parents do not approve of befriending this wild, giant mammal, for fear of their son’s safety. They've already lost a child before, and don't want it to happen again.

When the whole town turns angrily upon Mark & Ben, what is to be done then? The town can’t just kill an innocent bear!

There’s a lot more going on in the storyline too, like the Alaskan Salmon Run, and riding fishing boats down the river, and exploring the fine northern scenery...and so much more.

Easy reading, but an intense plot created by the author's terrific writing style. I’d recommend it for anyone, ages 10 & up. (and yes, that even includes adults!)


Favorite Finds #6

Please enjoy these "favorite finds" of mine that I have discovered while reading blogs this past week. Each one of these are all on completely different subject matters...quite funny how dissimilar they are.
Thanks for reading!

Circle Collage and Scrabble Tiles (from Amy's Artsy Articulations)

It’s Graduation Day! (from Susannah @ Seven Sisters)

In the Valley (from Melinda @ Abounding in Hope)

What my family would look like in the 1900's (from Allison @ Girl of the Prairie)


.:. More About Riddles .:.

Hi everyone,
If you saw my "What am I?" post last week, you might have guessed the answer... or you might not have. If not, I'm here to reveal the answer now. For a quick update, this was the riddle:

I have keys, that open no locks. I have space, but there is no room. I have a home, but there is no house. You can enter, but you can't go in. What am I?

Thank you for all your guesses! The final answer is... a Computer Keyboard.

So, I thought since a lot of you guessed that one, I'd give you another riddle to play around with.
Ready? And yes... it's a tricky one!

"I know a word of letters three.
Add two and fewer there will be."

~Can you figure it out?~


Favorite Finds #5

Hi everyone!
Here's a few links to some neat things I've found this week in the blog-world. Hope you enjoy reading these as much as I did!

B.O.O.K. (from Jane @ Novel Pretender)
This funny little article made me laugh. It's a quite new perspective of what a book is!

Type + Photography = Typography. (from Alyssa @ Pixel8Design)
One way of looking at the alphabet through the camera lens!

New School Supplies (from Hannah @ Clicked and Captured)
Pictures of things I love the most!

....and lastly... you should check out what Anna has going on her blog....Les Miserables Week! (it starts September 19)

I read the book "Les Miserables" a year ago and loved it. It's one of my favorites. I'm excited to see everything that Anna is going to post about... click on her button below to see what she's posted so far.

Les Miserables Week


A simple riddle to solve.

I have keys,
that open no locks.

I have space,
but there is no room.

I have a home,
but there is no house.

You can enter,
but you can't go in.

What am I?