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My Top 10 Favorite Reads of 2022

If you've followed my blog for a while now, you probably know that I just LOVE making a list of my top 10 favorite reads every year. These books were NOT all published this year -- they were published in any year of days gone by. But 2022 is when I personally got to read them. And these 10 books in particular put an extra sparkle in my eye (and made my heart pitter-patter a little faster) as I read them...

Tarissa's bookshelf: 2022-top-favorite

it was amazing
Oh, what a delight! Listening to Winnie-the-Pooh was such a treat for me. The stories are as sweet as cupcakes. I don't believe I ever really read this book as a child. But I was beyond ecstatic to read it as an adult. Pooh and his hon...
Long Lost
it was amazing
A fantastic kid's ghost story. Written so well!! This is the kind of story that had me on pins and needles to find out what would happen next. Just how Fiona wanted to pick up the mysterious vintage book she finds in the library to finis...
The Big Four
really liked it
A rather interesting Agatha Christie novel. It's a bit different than her usual mysteries. This plot takes Poirot through months of playing the waiting game, plus he's dealing with supervillains who are behind the majority of all evil sc...
A Christmas Secret
really liked it
As per usual with an Anne Perry holiday book, we find ourselves in a fairly cozy little setting, everything seemingly going according to plan for the Christmas season, when -- BAM! Somebody dies. And it's such an intriguing little dilemm...
The Gray Chamber
really liked it
A fun read. A sweet romance. I loved the historical details about fencing and about the asylum. Very interesting topics to read up on. I did connect well with Edyth's character, since part of society probably though of her as a bit ecce...
A Song Unheard
it was amazing
A lovely sequel to A Name Unknown. It took me a little while to warm up to the characters in A Song Unheard, but once I did, I really did grow to like them. Loved the musical elements found in this story, especially pertaining to the vio...
The Finder of Forgotten Things
it was amazing
What a fulfilling novel! I needed a good story that would take me a little while to crack my way through, and I enjoyed it all. I really fell into the plot and as for the characters... I always wanted to keep learning more about them. Th...
Flowers on the Moon
it was amazing
WOW! I didn't realize that I NEEDED this book of poetry as much as I did. As soon as I listened to the first 20 minutes of the audiobook, I knew I definitely needed more of this kind of mindset in my life. I immediately downloaded 2 more...
London Curiosities: The Capital's Odd & Obscure, Weird and Wonderful Places
it was amazing
What a fascinating and informative read! I learned so much about London. It's amazing stuff you'll find packed in this book! I felt like I personally went on a sight-seeing tour. It was explained well, includes photos -- yes, I felt like...
Jane Eyre
it was amazing
Ah, Thornfield Hall, how I wish I could visit you. Why did I wait so long to read this classic? It's definitely a favorite. My copy is a thick book, but the chapters seem to fly by. I could have read this novel forever. I'm deeply inter...

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So, dear reader, what are your favorite books that you got to read this year?

If you've posted your 2022 favorites list, drop your link in the comments so we can all see it!

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  1. I read all the Pooh books for the first time this year, too! So delightful.I regretted not reading them to my kids, though they were familiar with the stories through the Disney videos.

    I *love* Roseanna M. White's books.

    I don't think I have read Sarah Loudin Thomas, but I think I might have a book of hers in my Kindle app.